Saturday, 3 December 2011

Notes on Clarion Call 3

First of all, thank you for the response to Clarion Call 3. It is more than we could have expected and we're genuinely touched by the number of people who have spoken of re-subscribing after watching. In the end of course, events like those covered are happening all over Eve across many systems and regions. The adventures never end.

I must admit, unexpectedly finding an Eve pvp video in Steam News while browsing for Sam 3 news, was a pleasant surprise :)*

Some notes:

1. Closing Send-Off/future of wormhole space
2. Representation of Campaign
3. Magnetar Exploit bans/punishments

1. Closing Send-off/future of wormhole space

We do regret not including the excellent groups Adhocracy and Aquila in the closing speech, which lists the different entities who will likely heavily factor in the future of wormhole space.

2. Representation of Campaign

Accuracy is very important to us.

AHARM response has been very friendly to the video, with their pilots generally describing it as an even handed and fair account of events.

Their leadership have recently made the suggestion, however, that they'd have liked more skirmishes to be included that went their way and thus that the 'truth is out there'. In fact, the truth can quickly and easily be empirically established.

Both killboards show the campaigns heavily in favour of Rooks and Kings, so if we listed more fights, the proportion in favour of RnK would in fact be greater than presently represented.

- For example, in the time since the final battle to the release of the video, AHARM have killed one vessel, a Devoter, for the loss of 4 Lokis, a Bhaalgorn, a Proteus, a Navy Geddon, and more, for an efficiency of less than three percent.

And so on..

But covering ganks like this in a video would not be very exciting. For the same reason that we haven't included their ganks and skirmishes, we haven't included our ganks and skirmishes. Since we have more of them, CC3 is in fact more generous to AHARM than the actual events.

- In this time period, AHARM also attempted an attack on RnK using a coalition of wormhole alliances. This failed and led to several AHARM capitals self-destructing or being sold to RNK. This was not included in Clarion Call 3.

As a result, we feel that CC3 is very fair to Aperture Harmonics and even rather generous.

3. Magnetar Exploit bans/punishments

There has been debate about how much AHARM were fined, whether some members were banned and so on.

We have no opinion on this or particular desire to investigate. Our original request was, as mentioned in the video, to engage AHARM on their own terms, infini-gun versus infini-gun. For obvious reasons, we could not do this without first announcing our intent and requesting permission both in the eyes of the community and CCP. That permission, understandably, never arrived.

But we have never requested for AHARM to be banned, since - frankly - wormhole space would be a lot less interesting without them.

Since GMs do not comment publically on bans/punishment and the only source would be the affected party, this is likely a moot point and as far as RnK are concerned was simply an event in a campaign.

*We're still hoping for Sasha Grey's twitter, though. 


  1. 60 billion isk was the number provided to me by a member of Aharm for the fine.

  2. I have a desire to watch this in a cinema...
    Love it <3

  3. Can you please post the entire soundtrack of this video? I am having difficultly finding all of the songs used in it. Thank you.

    P.S.: Hands down the best Eve Online video ever made. I look forward to fighting against RnK again very soon. You guys are class acts. o7

  4. ^^ Nevermind. The soundtrack is listed at the very end of the credits. Probably should have checked there first.

  5. Loved the video. Made me want to live in low/wh space again. And I just watched RnK tear a new one into a roaming gang in vestouve.

  6. The Clarion Call series is by far the best produced commercial for Eve. Seen it like 20 times. It's amazing! Thx guys!

  7. 60 billion isk is a joke, they should all have been permanently banned... ccp are freaking assholes.

  8. cheaters have never been punished really, in EVE or anything else.. the game doesnt matter..

  9. I don't fight exploiters

  10. Still enjoy watching as a way to slightly reconnect while I am away from home with the game I spent so many summer nights playing. I'm still in awe by the amount of strategy Rooks and Kings Alliance puts forth in battles. Clarion illuminates the small finer details I would never be able to foresee even if I had a how to guide for dummies and the time to read it. -DW2nd-

  11. Will use this production as a means to get more of my friends to start playing. Like I said in my corp: mind = blown
    Oh, and face it: Sasha Grey has left the business, not to mention she's got a long-term BF. I suggest getting Molly Bennett's twitter instead. :)

  12. I got into the game by watching your videos. They are small masterpieces and Clarion call 3 is one insane video. The final battle and those "We've won" and "...I'm very happy" really touching the heart of any viewer. Keep up the good work guys ! CCP should pay you for that ...