Thursday, 17 November 2011

Clarion Call 3

Update: Link to Clarion Call 3 Here  (with an MKV version available here)

Granted, you all probably get your RnK news elsewhere these days. I must confess that I'd forgotten of this blog's existence amid the plethora of sites where we publish battle reports and the like.

However, on the night before Clarion Call 3, I've got round to an update and hopefully will manage to keep this dusty place keyed in for the future, too.

Here's a shot from Clarion Call 3:

And here are a selection of battle reports from 2011:

Carriers Versus Supercarriers
- Two Archons Tanking 4 Motherships, 2 dreads, 2 carriers and support
- An absurd series of events across two hours.

Battle Report: Kuvakei's Spikes and Gallente Steel - Dinner for Three
- Being jumped during an Incursion fight
- Switching fire between hostiles and the Sansha mothership's bombers
- One of the few times you'll hear an FC shout "PVP Overview! Ok, now PVE overview! Back to PVP!"

Clash in Outer Ring
-  A memorable clash with Goonswarm
- Fighting against a combination of max alpha and supercapitals with battleships and Guardians
- Kaboose Guardians, the Tiger Tank of Guardians.

Battle in Ostingele
- Dropping and being counter-counter dropped
- A Bhaalgorn neuting a titan to stop it firing
- Seesaw battle

Freighters and other past times
- Triage carriers versus multiple supercaps, titan
- a Dek Coalition max alpha fleet

Old Stomping Grounds
- Logistics against max alpha
- Battles of Attrition

We need a bigger boat
- Escalating between Guardians and triage
- Battling Dek Coalition

Breaking the lines
- Attacking a supercap fleet with a similar number of Battleships
- Kaboose Guardians

Also, check out Episode 2 of our new Video Battle Report series:

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  1. This is the best eve video ever. I've been trying to get some friends to play and I think this vid convinced them. I also really enjoy the battle reports, thanks for posting them!