Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thursday @ Irshah

With our temporary base in Assah, where we have regrouped, there is much potential for some roaming action - which has taken place both towards G-5 (CVA) and Doril (AGGRO).

On Thursday, whilst heading to Doril with a battleship heavy gang, we ran into some interesting action along the way, in Irshah. Having dropped two triage carriers to support a tackled battleship, x13 alliance warped four carriers into our gang, along with their own battleships.

Demonstrating a familiarity with our own tactics, one of the x13 carriers also went into triage, leading to a tug-of-war on the rep. One of our two neuting apocs had logged just prior to the fight but Juki did a fine job in the remaining one to help break the cap on the hostile spider-tank. Finally (after their Navy Megathron made a narrow escape) we managed to kill their triage carrier.

Since time was of the essence, I'd like to particularly single out Poulpe for praise in topping the damage here, followed by Shani, Jack, Rinse, Anubis and Vonchar.

With the triage down, the second carrier quickly went to low armour just as x13 were able to drop a second wave (that included some ten carriers total, and a dread or two). The overwhelming rep on the field now prevented us getting a second carrier kill and eventually our own two triage carriers were trapped, neutralized and eventually killed (though our support escaped).

Had we killed their triage carrier a minute earlier we'd have been 2-2 on carriers killed, and had we killed it a few minutes earlier, we may have killed them faster than they could have jumped in. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable fight against the odds and had the novelty of fighting some of our own favourite tactics.

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  1. Was a fun fight and hopefully we'll be able to have a bit of a build up fight again, next time we can be ready for it. :-)