Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday @ Assah

Main killboards, alliance creation and forums are in the work atm, along with the first major objectives.

In the meantime, Hans Blix and friends got the kill of the day, which was a very juicily fitted Golem.

Station fights with CVA continued during the day in Assah. Although less outnumbered than on the Saturday (when we nevertheless did undock 30 with local @130, mostly hostile, and get some kills), there were still some dozen or more battleships camping for much of the time. The first mass undock led to them de-aggroing and docking up in station.

Their subsequent undock then led to a hefty fight. Despite being limited to shield transfer in his Chimera, Davinci led the repping and did an excellent job. They quickly dropped a cyno and brought in their own carriers (twice our numbers) and dreadnaughts. During the fight we managed to kill 7 battleships for the loss of 5, though one of our carriers disconnected during the fight and was killed, obviously giving them the victory.

Despite the excellent rep, it is a shame we didn't have our usual big armour logistics in place today - since even brilliant shield repping is tricky against the Amarr-focussed CVA, whose EM
damage tucks wantonly into unresisted shield HP.

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