Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bay of Biscay

Having got used to station games in Assah, CVA have pulled out one of our own favourite tactics: armour tanking BS and escalation with a triage Archon. Perhaps we should be pleased though, to have given some inspiration to the Emperor (or is it Empress - alas my wizard hattery has fallen to rust of late).

Thus we took the opportunity at the weekend to indulge in a little wolfpack warfare.

To say that Stealth Bombers are a little overpowered now would be something of an understatement - though full credit still to Zuldjan and Jack for leading the packs hunting and getting the kills. Saturday's picking included 10 battleships, 8 HAC/CS/Recon, an Orca and some 50 kills total. Also worth mentioning was the continued killing spree of Hans Blix and his team, who roamed deep in Insmother.

We also have a killboard up now at:

By the end of the weekend it should be fully featured (for now just somewhere we can all post).

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  1. Very well written, thanks for the update. I miss flying with you all.